Fonexsis Products Support. F.A.Q.

This page contains Support information including F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) as well as answers to known software issues.


I'm not getting any sound with your app. What's wrong?

This is a known issue with iOS. The reason is simple: it happens because the MUTE switch on your device is set to ON by some reason. To solve this issue, please do the following:

for iPhone users:

Just turn MUTE switch to OFF. Mute switch is located at the side panel of your iPhone near the volume buttons. Then, make sure your volume is up by increasing it with the volume buttons.

for iPad / iPad 2 users:

1. Make sure the Side Switch of your iPad is set to work as "Mute", and not as "Lock Rotation". Go to system "Settings / General" menu on your iPad and set "Use Side Switch to:" option to "Mute".

2. Turn Side Switch to OFF. It is located near the volume buttons on the side panel of your iPad. Try it while running our app. Also make sure your volume is up by increasing it with the volume buttons.

That's it. You can now revert Side Switch to work as Lock Rotation, if you want to.


I can see only F chords (C chords) in your Guitar chords (Bass chords) apps. Where are the other chords?

F chords (C chords) are given by default in our Guitar Chords (Bass Chords) applications. You can easily change the Key (Transposition) of any selected chord to the Key you want just by tapping any note of the chord on the fretboard and dragging it left or right onscreen with your finger. 



If you still have questions regarding our apps, please email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .