Piano Modes Station is a professional interactive collection for any music man. It gives you an excellent original material for improvisations and solo. It is designed to explore the magic world of modes and scales for you on piano with ease and comfort! A great tool, not only for beginner pianists, but also for composers and teachers of music theory. This is a creative instrument for all music styles! It's a must have for every musician!!!



  • Library of 433 modes (harmonic, melodic, diminished, hexatonic, whole tone, augmented, double harmonic, altered pentatonic, messiaen modes), which can be transposed in any key (about 5,200 total modes incl. transposition!)
  • Easy visual representation of modes and scales
  • Theoretical and practical usage for any musical instrument
  • Accompaniment feature: you can see and listen to the chords, over which the current mode and chord progression can be played. This feature can be switched off when it is unnecessary.
  • Play piano keyboard on the screen with your fingers
  • Piano keyboard is easily movable and resizable by your fingers
  • Lock to Mode function. It enables you to play only those notes, which belong to currently selected Mode on the piano keyboard. This is useful to play a melody on keyboard or to quickly listen to selected Mode or Scale.
  • Transpose to any desired key by tapping Transpose button (T) and dragging notes with your finger along the piano keyboard
  • Ability to change playback tempo for training
  • Ability to adjust a volume balance between accompaniment and piano sounds
  • Note names are displayed inside the playback cursor
  • Sharps and flats signatures correspond to the current mode's key
  • Manual step by step note playback in both directions
  • Stereo high-quality sound engine for listening in headphones
  • iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus support
  • iPad support

Screen Shots

scr_qhpiano0 scr_qhpiano1


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Support and Info

All your questions regarding support of this application or any other your questions please e-mail to the following address. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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Fonexsis Creative Group, 2016


+207 #1 thank you thank you 2012-01-26 01:19
im so glad you have a guitar piano app dictionay hope you will add moure chord to it like youre interrnational guitar app's for the piano aap's version

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