We are, the Fonexsis Creative Group, that is Dmitriy Pavlov (developer) and Vladimir Kovalev (guitarist, innovator), have been working hard over past 20 years collecting and developing an unique educational musical material for different platforms. After analyzing the App Store market we faced a lack of new and fresh theoretical material in a large number of similar guitar/piano/bass education applications. Nearly all of them represent only the same simple basic aspects and standard performance technologies. That's why we decided to go further by starting a new innovative line of musical applications for iPhone/iPod/iPad market.

Our intention is to present the whole spectrum of educational processes for people, who wants to master their musical instruments in perfection, and also for learning modern theoretic material for improvising.  We have developed several projects that include:

★ Chords for one and two handed touch technique, with traditional and wide (more than 5 frets) fingerings

★ Chords for bass and piano players

★ Modes & exercises for guitar (Six-step Modes Symmetry's School)

★ Formulas School with two-handed touch technique (tapping)

★ Traditional & sweep picking arpeggios

★ Vertical and horizontal exotic pentatonics

★ Double, Triple, Fourfold and mixed sound sets (modes & arpeggios)

★ Creator of Chords, a new revolutionary chord creation software based on math principles and certain musical rules to generate interesting unique chord combinations never seen before!

And today we are starting to share all this material with you!


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