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Sender - Kiss You

Label: Send Records

Release Tracklisting:

  1. Sender - Kiss You (original mix)
  2. Sender - Kiss You (Dumb Dan remix)
  3. Sender - Kiss You (Jim Pavloff remix)
  4. Sender - Kiss You (Topspin dub)
  5. Sender - Kiss You (Agraba remix)
  6. Sender - Kiss You (radio edit)

Sender - Kiss You (Jim Pavloff remix)

{audio} - Kiss You (Jim Pavloff remix!).mp3{/audio}

About this remix

June 2007. Famous ukrainian dj and producer Sender, after meeting Jim, proposes him to write a remix on his track "Kiss You". After three weeks of hard work Jim finishes this remix, and the track DJ Sender - Kiss You (Jim Pavloff remix) is appeared. To Jim's big surprise, the remix makes an explosion in ukrainian house-music scene. A mixture of styles like tech-house and minimal, bravely going ahead in time, with the special manner was heard in all Jim's tracks (the reason is his father's professional musical influence), plus mad unlike anything bassline, with the orchestral cosmic inclusion in hollywood fantastic blockbusters' style in the middle, made this remix a hit number one in "Dance Top 10 from Kiss FM" rating in july 2007!!! Track gets into frequent rotation on the radio KissFM, and then follows a next wave of Jim's popularity, which bravely conquers more and more dancefloors and listeners attention.

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