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Jim Pavloff - Driver

Label: Send Records

Release Tracklisting:

Jim Pavloff - Driver (original mix)
{audio} (Jim Pavloff original).mp3{/audio}

Jim Pavloff - Driver (Sender remix)
{audio} (Sender remix).mp3{/audio}

Jim Pavloff - Driver (Dave Robertson remix)
{audio} (Dave Robertson remix).mp3{/audio}

Jim Pavloff - Driver (Alex Vives remix)
{audio} (Alex Vives remix).mp3{/audio}

About the track

In spring 2008, Jim records his new track, named "Driver". This track became a hit of the dancefloors and once again made Jim's fans happy. Driver is a crazy energetic electro/minimal/tech-house bomber, which takes his roots from ear-ringing dissonant house-effects of Daft Punk's era, transforming via mixture of styles electro and minimal techno into a melodic elevator, which carries a listener with a high speed along with rises and falls of sound vibrations, not allowing to release until the end. This track became kinda Jim's «visit card». Release of the “Driver” single happened on Send Records label in early 2009. Besides ukrainian remixers, like Sender and Alex Vives, there also a remix from famous european dj and musician Dave Robertson was represented on this release.

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0 #1 daensch 2011-11-03 09:28
i´m not the minimal guy as usual, but your original driver tracks is really really great :) i love it

best regards

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