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Dj Boyko - Weed

Label: Radio Record

DJ Boyko & Sound Shocking - Weed (Jim Pavloff remix)


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About remix

May, 2007 year. Jim met russian dj and producer Sergey Boyko, and proposed to make a remix for Sergey on his famous hit by Sound Shocking project kazantip's may'06 hymn "Weed". Sergey took it very sceptically, because many dj's already sent him their "Weed-remixes" before, but their works were unsatisfactory and very far away from the original energetic. But despite that, Jim held his promise, and a new remix Dj Boyko and Sound Shocking - Weed (Jim Pavloff remix) appeared in May 2007. Sergey Boyko liked it very much and called it a second birth of the track.

Mindshaking mixture of electro and guitar grunge made a furror on the dancefloors and rised "Weed" again to the lists of the most hottest tracks of the night clubs. Remix got huge popularity beetween russian djs, many of them began to play it everywhere in the clubs.

By the way, Sergey Boyko himself plays this remix on his live sets instead of his original, and also he plays it on live gigs with Sound Shocking project. Later, Jim will write another remix for Boyko's project: DJ Boyko - Crazy Beat Master (Jim Pavloff remix), and it will be released in 2008 inside the official single on Flavo records label.

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