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Dj Boyko - Crazy Beat Master

Label: Flavo Records

DJ Boyko & Sound Shocking - Crazy Beat Master

Release tracklisting:

1. Crazy Beat Master (original mix)

2. Crazy Beat Master (radio mix)

3. Crazy Beat Master (Jim Pavloff remix)

Crazy Beat Master (Jim Pavloff remix)


About this remix

After more than successful release of remix on may kazantip's hymn "Weed" Jim decide to make one more remix for Dj Boyko & Sound Shockin project. In summer 2007 Jim met Sergey Boyko again. Sergey demonstrated his new explosive single "Crazy Beat Master" that he was currently working on. After that a new Jim's remix appeared in august 2007. Full release was published later, in the beginning of 2008 year at Flavo Records record label.

Link to the official release


0 #1 Olzhik 2011-03-10 10:00
Зачетный трек! ;-)

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Tracks written by Jim Pavloff