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Jim Pavloff was born 1979 in a small town Mariupol (Ukraine), in a family of a jazz guitarist. From early ages he was interested in programing and all the computer-related things. In 1993 he with his father goes to New York, where Dmitriy starts to be interested in electronic music. In 1995 he recorded his first track. Since 1997 Jim get himself into a new musical technologies: midi sequencers, tone-generators and samplers. During four years from 1998 till 2002 he records about 4 albums in breakbeat, speed garage and disco house styles. With this material Jim appeared in Mariupol's night clubs as a guest dj on a specialized club events.

In 2001 Alexey Viper for several times includes some of Pavloff's tracks in his radio show «Garage FM», translated in the air of FM-radio «Europe Plus». In 2003 record label Virus Production (D. Feliksov and E. Lysenko aka Chief MC) accepts Jim's material, and a first official CD-album by Jim Pavloff called "Jimtonik" appears in the music shops around Ukraine.

Since 2003 Dj Pavloff began to work as a resident dj in club "Maxim" (Mariupol) on one stage with such famous djs like Suhov, Viper, Groove, Sanches, Ivan Roudyk, Schmel, Stroganov (Fashist), Polyakov (PPK), Lena Popova, Fonar', Kon', Electric (Koala), Sergey Boyko, R-Tem, Spartaque. He also played right before dj sets of such famous musicians, as John B (UK), Benny Benassi, Heiko & Maiko, Azzido Da Bass, Oliver Huntemann, Stephan Bodzin.

In february 2007 Jim takes part in a remix competition on russian music portal and makes his first official remix R-Tem ft. Ben Lost "Green And Red" (Jim Pavloff remix). Bright saturated electro-sound, that melodicaly played around vocal of british singer Ben Lost, rises Pavloff's remix high above the other competitor's works, and the remix goes to a final of the competition. Exactly this remix became a base in meeting famous ukrainian dj and producer Sender, who will play a big role in Jim's music career in the future.

Since March 2007 Jim Pavloff begin to collaborate with kiev-based record label Send Records. Within this collaboration he writes a big number of tracks and remixes, which come for selling to mp3 shop on musical internet portal Some of them have got high appreciation and support not only in Ukraine and Russia, but also in Europe. For example, remix "Chymera - Parelo (Jim Pavloff remix)", which was released by Brandnewvibe on a vinyl plate, in first two weeks got to top100 chart on Beatport in genre Progressive House and then raised up to 25th position in the chart.

From 2008 Jim Pavloff begin to take part in every year festival of club music "Kazantip" together with Send Records resident djs like Sender, N-Code, Drive Dealers, Goshva, Artem Yellow.

In early 2009 famous dj of the world Tiesto in his radio show Club Life 101 played a track “Drive Dealers – Colors (Jim Pavloff remix)”, and this fact rised Jim to a more high international level. Later, in a month, another Pavloff's remix "Alex Vives - Dangerous Man (Jim Pavloff remix)" was played in the air of radio show "Nocturnal 191" by famous british dj and producer Matt Darey. It fixed Jim's positions as today's actual musician and producer, who's music is being chosen by best djs of the world.
In the beginning of summer 2009 musician writes several remixes together with singer lady Satory Seine, and they together took a part as a special live-project on the Global Gathering Ukraine festival. Live video clip, shot at Global Gathering while they performed their new track «Solaris» rapidly spreads in internet and gets massive positive feedback from Jim's fans.

In autumn-winter period of 2009 musician decided to take a break from club music writing and gets deep into enhancement of his technique skills in working with musical software. As a result, in december 2009 he writes a remake of famous track «The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up», and puts to youtube a video, where he reveals the secrets of how the original track was created by the band. In a month there were about 600 000 of people, who watched this video., plus 1500 comments from around the world. Track was fully recreated by Jim, not using a single sound from the original. Even famous dj and producer Eric Prydz did not hold out of the temptation to post a link to this video on his Twitter blog.

This video was published inside a big number of internet blogs, publications and issues, and also it was published in MixMag music magazine. It provided a good foundament for Jim's position of a professional sound producer and turned a lot of people's attention to his person around the world. Some time later Jim makes another excellent remake, at this time it's “The Prodigy – Voodoo People”, which was also fully recreated from the original sources inside Ableton Live software.

At present time Jim Pavloff successfully continues his musical career, playing his dj sets in the clubs and recording new tracks in collaboration with Send Records. His creativity has a strong support from his fans, who's number continue to grow drastically.