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The Prodigy Samples Collection

Written by Jim Pavloff.


A new section is created on the website. New secrects of creating the Prodigy tracks will be revealed here in the "Samples / The Prodigy" section. It will contain the sample sources, that have been used by Liam Howlett while creating his music. If you liked my famous video about making of "Smack My Bitch Up" track in Ableton Live, then this section will be interesting for you too. In the nearest future I'm planning to place here the most full list of the Prodigy's samples in the net.

All I'm talking about is a new section called "Samples", which is now appeared in the navigation menu of my site. At current moment it contains only one subsection, dedicated to the Prodigy samples collection, but in the future I'm planning to create a subsection called "Breakbeat Samples",  where you will be able to download almost all famous classic breakbeat drumloops, on which all the modern music is based; and also a subsection-blog, which will contain some interesting links to sample packs, that may be very useful in creating your own house, minimal, electro and techno music.

When I'm in music making process, a use of sample libraries is a very important thing for me. For a long 12 years term of musical experience I have collected a huge number of samples, and I still constantly use them while writing my new tracks. I don't see the music without usage of samples. They bring the drive, the feel, emotions, magic and the groove. A clean electronic music without any usage of samples seem to me lifeless, straight and boring. But when you bring there some samples - the whole picture is immediately changes.

A good example to the previous words is represented by the music of The Prodigy band. Today it's not a secret for everyone, that their music at 85% consists of samples, taken from the other band's music. It is made in such a pretty and cool manner, that from the first listening you even don't think that the solid sounding prodigy's track is just a mixture of the other songs and musical pieces. Can't believe it? Then take a little tour around the prodigy samples section, and you will see and hear it by yourself. Enjoy!

At current moment I placed in the "Samples / The Prodigy" section an information about the following tracks:

  • Jericho
  • Music Reach
  • Wind It Up
  • Your Love (remix)
  • We Are The Ruffest
  • Their Law
  • The Heat (The Energy)
  • Poison
  • Voodoo People
  • Skylined
  • Breathe
  • Smack My Bitch Up
  • Climbatize
  • Spitfire
  • Medusa's Path
  • World's On Fire

All samples are available for free download. Also, a links to the full original sources are shown there. Not a big list for now, but I think it is more than enough for the beginning. A section will be updated constantly, and I plan to place here the most full list of the Prodigy samples existing in the internet. I took this information from several internet sources. Some of the samples I've found by myself while was browsing thru my old sample collections. But very significant number of samples was found thanks to the people from, who keep trying to figure out the prodigy's music secrets for a very long period of time, and must say, with a much of success. But I must also say here, that we will never figure out all the 100% of samples used by Liam Howlett, this will remain his professional secret. And every time when he will release a new track, he will throw us his new challenge, like saying: "hey you, guys over there! now try to find out, from where I have ripped off the samples to this track!!!", laughting at us, and we will grab our heads with hands and try to browse thru tonns of different music trying to solve Liam's new puzzle. Maybe because of this Liam's music is so interesting not only to those lovers to jump and slam around on the Prodigy live concerts, but also to a more wide range of listeners around the world.


0 #6 Joey 2017-03-22 07:07
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is there any other website which gives such information in quality?

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0 #5 ChucK 2013-09-16 00:04
Hey Jim!!!

I would like to Ecco the others gratitude! I'm an old pro that is obsessed with Ablrton. I'm constantly on the prowl for inspiration. Well. What can I say? You THE man!!! Ill be here salivating for more with the others. Thank you soooooooooooooo ooo much! 0-@
+1 #4 Abed 2012-10-14 14:49
Man you are a GOD! Salute from Palestine.
0 #3 daensch 2011-02-25 05:48
Hi Jim :)

at first - much respect to your whole work :D i really enjoyed the tut´s and except your track driver.

second - how can i get something like your Dry Effect on my on sampleS? i don´t know how to do or what kind of effects (not only chorus huh?) working on it (difference between Rage_Git_Dry.wav and Rage_Git_Wet.wav). Would be also great if u can give me a hint for what i have too search, i´m stucking on this since days ;)
thx & greetz
0 #2 HagisBasherUK 2011-02-01 23:37
Thanks for all your effort,it's people like you that make the internet a great resource for creative minds.
I have just got myself a Roland/Edirol PCR-300 and have got a nice control map loaded for Ableton Live and after seeing your Smack My Bitch Up video on youtube you gave my loads of inspiration and ideas.
Thanks, now time for Hagsynthisis Part2 ;)
0 #1 macfan30 2010-11-20 21:26
thnx for the sample pack!
i will learn make house music and iam a big fan of you! :lol:
i will play with it thnx.


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