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How to adjust track's speed (Pitch) in 5 seconds

Written by Jim Pavloff. Posted in How to become a DJ?

djkitty_articleVery useful and cool trick when you play from Pioneer CDJ turntables. Many djs already know about it and use it constantly, while many others heard about it somewhere but they don't know what it's all about. Adjusting track's speed is a process, that takes a half minute for a professional dj, but for a beginner it takes much more time. With practice you'll get some experience to adjust track's speed at your ear automatically, while doing other things (e.g. while choosing next track for your set). To mix a track, a dj must adjust next track's speed in headphones to be exactly equal to the speed (bpm) of the track, which is currently being played at the master, using a Pitch regulator.

How to become a DJ?

Written by Jim Pavloff.

How to become a DJ?How to become a DJ? A very popular question at present time. Many guys keep asking me this question. They think that I know some magical secret which I can share with them, and they will use it and in two-three months they will become famous and valuable djs. But I can tell you that there is no special secret here. Every person chooses his way individually, and there's too few things that I can advise. But instead of this, I can share my own experience with you and tell about how to learn some certain things related to dj'ing - and this is the main goal of this whole category of articles called "How to become a DJ". Read on.