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Do you love rock? Or maybe jazz? Are you beginner or professional? Today every musician knows what is a blues scale. But how many variations of blues scale do you know?… We will help you to answer this question! With our new "Bluesman Guitar Scales" app you will know more than any other guitarist !!!



Play chords on your bass guitar and become a virtuoso like Jaco Pastorius, John Patitucci, Victor Bailey, Billy Sheehan, Victor Wooten, Tom Kennedy, Gary Willis and other famous crazy bassists!!! This app is a great collection of chords for bass guitar. It will become a powerful train aid for all levels of bass guitar players! 

P.S. Some of the chords can be a surprise for you! ;) 



Prepare to explore an amazing world of International Guitar Chords in your Android device! This application is an unique collection of chords, which is especially designed to make your guitar learning experience comfortable, cognitive and exciting like never before! Most of the chords presented here are being met in different styles of guitar music played around the world. These chords are easy to learn and play for most people, that's why it is called "International". This application will be useful as for beginners, so for professionals.