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Jim Pavloff decompiles the Prodigy's hit to samples

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The real skills are needed to create a musical composition. However, to decompose a known hit, using an Ableton Live 8 software - this deserves much of respect too. This is exactly what a dj and producer Jim Pavloff from Mariupol did, he worked around with the famous track of the Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up.

At first, Jim Pavloff created a remake of the track. And then he presented a video showing how he did it, and uploaded this video clip on YouTube. The video has shocked everyone who professionally creates music, and many other people too. For the first week after the video was published, it collected more than 150 000 of views and around 500 of comments! After about half of year the number of views is drastically gets closer to 1 000 000 !!!

And what would you think! If you'll see that video, you'll definitely know where all that fantastic samples used by Liam Howlett while creating the tune are coming from. It even seems, that Jim Pavloff himself was in one studio together with the maestro, when he worked out a future hit. However, everything is much simpler - skills of knowing Ableton Live 8 software and enthusiasm of ukrainian producer brokе any territorial barriers.

In general, a respect to our ukrainian musician from YouTube users is fully deserved. By the way, there are some big star producers among them. For example, Eric Prydz did not hold out of the temptation and posted a link to this video on his Twitter blog.


0 #1 Steven Jones 2013-03-03 21:36
Pure genius

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