Poison - 202

Professional Software Synthesizer
by JimAudio

Made by musician
for musician

"This is a very solid virtual synth that, sonically, punches well above its asking price"
- musicappblog

"Man this sounds good, full of rich goodness from the days of analog yore"
- thesoundtestroom

"I've not beed this 'exited' about a synth app in a very, very long time"
- Samuel Lindeman, experienced iOS musician

"Amazing, from vintage to most modern. It is going to be top of the list for apps I use at live shows"
- App Store review

Introducing Poison-202: a revolutionary new virtual synthesizer, inspired by classic hardware synthesizers from the 80's and 90's. All the main sound creation elements you can imagine are here: oscillators, cutoff filters, ADSR-envelopes, ring/sync/cross modulation, LFO's, SuperSaw oscillator and more. Unlike many other software synthesizers at the market, which can reproduce only limited family of sounds, Poison-202 is capable of reproducing almost any classic synthesizer timbre thanks to its carefully designed parameter structure! Check out factory presets demo video.

Ready for your desktop

Now in VST / AU format

Poison-202 is a professional software synthesizer instrument. Primarily developed and released for iOS platform, it has become very popular and gained a lot of positive feedback from different musicians all over the world. And now it is available in VSTi and AU plug-in format for desktop!

Minimum requirements:
• any Intel based Mac (but not PPC)
• at least 1 GB RAM
• macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and higher is recommended
• VSTi or AU compatible host software

Tested to work best with the following hosts:
• Ableton Live
• Fruity Loops
• Logic Pro X
• Cubase AI Elements
• Reaper

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Factory Presets Demo Video

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Key Features of Poison-202

Amazing Fat Presets

420 built-in ready to use presets include famous and easily recognizable patches from rave and house electronic dance scene: The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Snap, Depeche Mode, Darude, ATB, Azzido Da Bass, Kraftwerk and others.

True Super Saw Emulation

Very precise SuperSaw oscillator emulation with Detune and Mix controls. SuperSaw consist of 7 saw oscillators, detuned, mixed and filtered in a very special way. First found in the legendary Roland JP-8000 synthesizer, it allows to create pure and rich sounds like hoovers and analog strings.

Rich Modulation Options

Pulse width modulation. Oscillator hard sync modulation. Ring modulation with mix control. Cross frequency modulation, which sounds similar to VPM modulation, first found in famous Korg Prophecy synthesizer. Two LFO modulators per patch. Use. Combine. Enjoy!

Oscillators page

Set up oscillator parameters

Choose oscillator pitch and tune, its waveform from 5 available types (saw, pulse, sine, triangle and super saw). Adjust pitch envelope with attack and decay faders.

Set up time-variant filter (TVF) for each oscillator with parameters like Cutoff, Resonance, Envelope depth, Keyboard tracking, ADSR faders, filter type from 5 available (lowpass, bandpass, hipass, peaking and notch).

Tune in time-variant amplifier (TVA) for each oscillator with standard familiar ADSR envelope. Select modulation type (Ring, Sync, Cross Modulation) and adjust volume balance between 1 and 2 oscillator.

LFO / Effects page

Modulate and colorize

Poison-202 has two LFO modulators per patch. Select each LFO type from 6 available (triangle, sine, saw, square, trapezoid and random). Adjust its frequency (Rate), and fade-in slope. Send it to Pitch, Filter or Amplifier. Cross-modulate LFO frequency or switch on its phase retrigger option.

Mix sub oscillator and noise into your patch. Select sub oscillator octave (12 or 24 semitones down) option.

Colorize your patch with 7 realtime effects provided: Distortion (with Foldback type option), Bit-Crusher, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Panning Delay, Reverb.

Patch page

Configure general patch parameters

Select signal routing structure from two options, Parallel or Serial. In Parallel mode, oscillators are independent from each other. In Serial mode, oscillators are mixed into one channel, then both filters are applied, and the final sound volume is shaped through TVA 1 envelope.

From the Patch page you can also set up common patch parameters, like Solo (monophonic) playing mode, Legato, Portamento, Pitch Bend Range (up to 24 semitones), Patch Gain.
Ajdust the way note velocity will affect the sound parameters using three knobs: Filter, Amp and XMod. This will allow loud notes to be played through more open filter, more loud volume, and deeper Cross Modulation, resulting in drastic changes of the sound depending on note's velocity.

Select the way you will control the sound by Modulator Wheel. There are 6 parameters you can change with it in realtime: LFO 1 & 2 depth, Filter 1 & 2 Cutoff, Cross Modulation depth and Pitch of Oscillator 2 (useful when using Sync modulation).

Adjust the 3-Band EQ of the patch using Low, Mid and High equalizer knobs. You can also turn on/off built-in Master Limiter effect and change Master Volume from this page.

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System requirements:

Poison-202 for iOS can work both as a standalone app, and in form of Audio Unit Extension (AUv3) plugin to be run under host apps like Cubasis, Garage Band, AUM, ModStep and others. Poison-202 can also be used as Inter-App Audio (IAA) instrument for audio and midi data exchange between two apps.
You can plug in your favorite MIDI keyboard to your iPad using Apple's Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and turn Poison-202 into a realtime synthesizer module!
Poison-202 for iOS is compatible with iOS 7.0 and higher. Minimal supported devices: iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Optimal recommended devices: iPhone 5S and iPad Air. To use Poison as Audio Unit you will need iPad (iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and up) or iPhone (5s and up) with iOS 9 or higher.

Even more features

Simple. Useful. Powerful

Minimum of controls with maximum of possibilities at the same time - the key concept idea in the whole Poison-202 system design

Realtime Digital Effects

Each patch holds its own combination of Distortion (incl. Foldback), Bit-Crusher, 3-Band EQ, Chorus, Flanger, Delay / Panning and Reverb effects

& Scale Mode

Simple to use arpeggiator with ability to choose rhythmic pattern, note length, swing and more. Scale play keyboard mode with over 40 different scales (iOS only)

Review and Guide by Jakob Haq

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